Homeschoolers For Christ Athletics

Mission, Vision, and Rules

Homeschoolers for Christ Athletics

A Vision for the Future


Mission Statement


Homeschoolers for Christ Athletics is a Christ-centered, nonprofit organization with the sole purpose of providing fellowship and the introduction to sports activities in an encouraging, family atmosphere.  The focus on Christian fellowship while introducing the aspects of team play through teamwork, rules of play, sportsmanship, and skills development for homeschooled children.


The Vision


The vision of HFCA is to provide for the development and promotion of sports activities for homeschooled children.  It is the goal of HFCA to glorify Jesus Christ through sports.  HFCA was born out of the desire to provide a healthy, Christian environment through which the various aspects of teamwork, sportsmanship, and skill development can be taught.


As the homeschooling movement grows and becomes more visible in the world, it will be a wonderful thing to have a presence in the area of sports.  A presence that will be a witness to this community and beyond, about the grace of God and the love of Jesus Christ.  How that even within the bounds of kind competition, love and grace can prevail.


For the glory of God, Homeschoolers For Christ Athletics exists, and that is our future.  It is time for us as Christians, and homeschoolers, to stand apart from this world and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Paul writes of fighting the good fight, of running the race, of finishing the course, all competitive comparisons of Christian faith.  To teach kind competition in love and grace, sportsmanship through Christian principles, and teamwork by example of the Body of Christ, is the purpose and goal of HFCA.


“Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us, looking unto Jesus as the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God.” Hebrews 12:1-2



Homeschoolers for Christ Athletics

Coach Pitch Rules

Playing Rules

1.      All players who show up for the game will play and bat.

2.      All players who show up are allowed to play in the field.  If more than 9 players show up, extra players play in the field.

3.      Each player must play at least one inning in the outfield and one inning in the infield.

4.      Must have 7 players minimum and a coach present to start the game.

5.      Games will be 6 innings or 1 hour, whichever comes first

6.      Only SOFT balls will be used for all areas of practice and play for the safety of everyone.



1.      There will be a continuous batting order.  If a player shows up later, he/she will be inserted at the end of the order.

2.      Helmets must be worn at all times on bases and at bat.

3.      Coaches will do all the pitching.  Though overhand is preferred, a coach may elect to pitch underhand for some batters.  Each batter will get 5 swinging strikes (foul balls included).  The batter cannot strike out if the last strike is a foul ball. Assistant coaches will do the catching.

4.      The innings are concluded by 3 outs or a maximum of 9 runs.  There is a 6 run per inning rule, but you can have a maximum of 9 runs at the completion of a given play.

5.      Throwing the bat will result in a warning.  Any further violations will bench the player for the remainder of the game. Bat throwing is a safety issue for other players and will not be tolerated.


Base Running

1.      Players will not lead off base until the ball is hit.  No stealing and no bunting.  Sliding is allowed

2.      No bowling or knocking over the catcher.  If, in judgment of the umpire, a collision could be avoided, the runner will be called automatically out.

3.      A batter will be out even if the 5th strike is dropped by the catcher.



1.      A runner is allowed only one base anytime there is an overthrow.

2.      Defense will position their pitcher within the pitching area.  If there is any interference or contact made by the coach pitching, the play will be called dead and everything will be replayed.

3.      Once the ball is brought back into the infield runners will not be allowed to advance.



Homeschoolers for Christ Athletics

Tee Ball Rules


Playing Rules

1.      All players who show up for the game will play and bat.

2.      No outs will be counted and no child will be removed from the base.

3.      Every child will hit each inning.  At the end of the batting order, that team will go to the field and the other team will come in to bat.

4.      Games will be 1 hour.

5.      For the safety of all the players only SOFT balls will be used.



1.      Helmets must be worn at all times on bases and at bat.

2.      The innings are concluded at the end of each team’s batting roster.

3.      Throwing the bat will result in a warning.  Any further violations will bench the player for the remainder of the game. Bat throwing is a safety issue for other players and will not be tolerated.


 Homeschoolers for Christ Athletics

General Information



Playing Fields

 Let’s leave the fields in better condition than we found them.  Please remove any trash that you bring.  If there are fences, backstops, or dugouts please have your children refrain from climbing on them.



 Coaches and parents will work together to provide a snack for their players after each game.  We suggest something simple (juice boxes, snack cakes, crackers…)

If you bring a product with peanuts, please offer an alternative for children who may be allergic to peanut products.    

Please also bring plenty of drinks for your own children and family to have during practice and game time. HFCA does not provide drinks during practice and games.



We are taking every precaution through league rules and safety equipment to protect your child from injury. 



An important aspect of the Homeschoolers for Christ Athletics is teaching good sportsmanship.  Whether we win or lose is not as important as putting forth our best effort.  Maintaining a friendly attitude at all times demonstrates that Christ can give peace and victory in every circumstance. 

*- No coach, parent, or player should destroy a Christian testimony by even one moment’s display of poor sportsmanship.


Awards Banquet

We will hold an awards banquet at the end of the season.  More information will be provided later in the season


What we need from YOU!

We need your prayers.  We need your patience. We need volunteers to coach or assist.  Our goal is to have a great season of Coach Pitch.  Let’s make this a great year and one in which our children forge lasting memories.



  Homeschoolers for Christ Athletics

Sportsmanship Conduct






Encourage each player to do his/her best, no matter what happens in a particular play.

                  Applaud the good performance of a player on either team.

                  Applaud the good efforts of a player on either team.

                  Teach your players the rules and the proper way to play the game.

                  Teach in love and gentleness, never criticize.




                  Never berate the poor performance of a player on either team.

Never allow your players to berate the poor performance of a player on either team.



Being a winner for the Lord is more important than winning an athletic competition.  We encourage all team coaches to enthusiastically motivate their team.  However, one should not mistake enthusiasm for unsportsmanlike outbursts.  HFCA is all about the fun without the pressure of league-style playing. Nothing takes the joy away for the entire group faster than an over-zealous competitive attitude from a coach, parent, or player.


Homeschoolers for Christ Athletics is a Christian organization. However,  there may be un-saved moms, dads, and friends observing.  Therefore, we need to watch our actions and testimony, and all coaches should remind themselves and their teams that our testimony for Christ before others is of utmost importance.


Coaches will say prayer before each game.