Homeschoolers For Christ Athletics

How's The Weather Looking?

Weather and Weather Policy


Weather and ground conditions play a major roll in whether or not our scheduled games can take place.  Although our goal is to let the children play every game on the schedule, there may be times that we need to cancel a game or call a game due to weather and/or field conditions. 


If the weather looks threatening (tornado warning/watch, extreme heat, widespread storm systems headed our way, hail storms predicted, fields soaked from previous rains, etc) we will call the game off.   If we have enough warning that it is possible to notify families before 5:00 PM you will receive an email. 


Please be sure to check your email on game day or check the website Calendar for cancellations.


 If a game is called off after 5:00 PM we will again email a cancelation notice out but you will also receive a phone call from your child's coach.  We will make calls to the coaches before 5:30 so they can notify you.  It is very important we have both a current email and phone number for your family to be able to keep you updated. 


If the weather is spotty (scattered showers, isolated storms, weather fronts that look as if they will pass quickly, etc.) we will go on with the game as scheduled.  We will not send out any emails or make any phone calls if a game is not cancelled.


If you happen to be out game day (away from your contact phone number and/or email) please check with a friend on the team for updates or make sure you have a cell phone listed as your contact number.


In the past, HFCA has cancelled games due to extreme hot weather, rain, storms, and poor field conditions after a rainy period.  We hope that none of those conditions present themselves this year, but for your child's safety, games will be called if they do.  


If games have to be canceled due to weather conditions, we have one rain date scheduled to make up for the lost games.  Only one make up game will be played.


Also, HFCA has a lightening policy, in the event that lightening is spotted and/or thunder is heard, everyone, players and spectators, will be asked to return to their vehicles and wait for 10 minutes.  If no further electrical storm activity is spotted after 10 minutes, play will resume.  If further storm activity is detected during this time, (rain, high winds, general storm weather), the game will be called. No one wants to be out in severe weather, and as always, the safety of your family comes first.